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Welcome! Below is a short synopsis of who I am personally to help you feel more comfortable about your first meeting with me. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas where my parents still live. I went to The University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate degree and to the University of Florida for my doctoral degree. So, I am both a Longhorn and a Gator!!! 

My husband and I have four fantastic children all grown up and on their own. We have a blended family, but have known each other since our undergraduate days at UT.  I have been in practice since 1994 in Austin, Texas. I have been an Adjunct Faculty member at The University of Texas at Austin and am currently an Adjunct Faculty at UTRGV….Go Vaqueros! I also helped run the Medicaid system for 20 years to assure that the Medicaid patients get the care that they need and that taxpayer money is spent wisely. 

My husband and I have always loved the valley and moved here permanently over two years ago. We enjoy fishing, boating, gardening, eating, napping and mostly our family. I have been a tap dancer for over 15 years. I began tap dancing to strengthen a broken leg and fell in love with it. I am a proud supporter of the Los Fresno’s Rodeo, The Moody Clinic as well
as the Palm Awards.

My Approach

My approach to counseling is to be a teacher, cheerleader and coach rolled into one. I listen, but also push my clients to make clear plans for improvement and cheer them on to work their new plan. I give homework so that my clients can practice their new skills. I am honest, direct and give feedback with care and humor. I do laugh a lot.


I have a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in neuropsychology and human development.  As a licensed Psychologist, I can diagnose and treat mental disorders of all types in children and adults.  I use evidenced based, proven techniques.  I don’t just talk about problems, I give solutions.  My training in neuropsychology allows me to understand how a person’s thinking, emotions and behavior are regulated by the brain and how to help my clients change their brains for the better.  My understanding of human development allows me to better help my clients realize the normal stages and transitions that occur across the lifespan.  We don’t stop growing at 18 years of age! Such knowledge is important in treatment.  For example, preschoolers have tantrums as they have an age-appropriate thinking issue called the Centration Problem.  Preschoolers can only “center in” on one aspect or point of view of a problem at a time and it will always be their point of view. To logically reason with them does not work because their thinking is not logical yet!  So, treatment and parenting has to take into account how their brain works at their age.  

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